Architectura Ludit
Architecture Ludit is a Workshop Series that explores how architecture and space can wake the inherit playfulness that lays in ordinary behavior. The urban environment, public and private space are all elements that we interact constantly and form our behaviors the same way technology does. Through this workshop the basic layers of this interaction are being explored, observed and analyzed so to allow the creation of new behaviors that empower and enhance human life through Playfulness, one of the most important primitive human states.

Workshop Brief

Play is the free movement within more rigid structures. This definition of play creates a significant question. How architectural forms (as a type of rigid structure) can enhance free movement (play) within itself? Taking in consideration that play is latent in every human activity that is being manifested within a greater grid of forms (environmental/architectural etc.), we can see the importance of this interaction. An interaction that is present always and everywhere. This workshop has as a goal to examine this interaction and to find ways of intervention in the rigid structure (in our case architectural forms) that will change its nature and thereafter the boundaries of free movement (play) within itself. Starting from an analysis of play and the ways that it can manifest inside human activities and ordinary behavior, we will then utilize this knowledge, to transform space into a structure that enhances play. The outcome is, by changing architecture, we inject a proper spirit of playfulness into an otherwise ordinary behavior.
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