Responsibilities: Interaction Design, Prototyping, Development

DE-FENCES is an interactive performance produced and directed from Theatre Entropia. The performance revolves around the dividing lines in the world from physical walls to emotional and behavioral stereotypes. Theatre Entropia produced two different editions of the performance and were invited to create captivating experiences.
Theatre Entropia produced the performance in two different setups and different experiences were designed by our team. Both experiences used digital technologies to engage the Audience into a live dialogue. The goal was to make them part of the performance during their journey to catharsis.

The initial performance was produced in Athens and was streamed live in Berlin. We worked together with local Artist in Berlin to setted up the experience for the audience in Germany. Locally on the theater our team setted up the Streaming and the audience experience. Both audiences were invited to take control of virtual performers that where part of the performance through digital projections. A live dialogue between the performers and the audience was created and elevated the performance from local to global.

The second performance was altered in content and a new experience was designed. The Audience was engaged before the show began, giving their names and getting assigned a word. During the performance a dynamic digital wall is being built and the Name-word pairs become the rigid elements that eventually break it enabling the catharsis. A follow up experience/ demonstration was created for the EVA Conference in London that utilizes the recorded performances to create individual memories and history, which construct and define a whole new audience experience.
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