Nick App
Responsibilities: Desing Research, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Adaptive UI Layout

The Nick App is the flagship App of Nickelodeon that delivers media content to kids of age 7-11. It has been awarded an Emmy Award in 2013. Currently the App has more than 10 million users in iOS and Android platforms and an average rating of 4.

A kids is an evolving customer that presents many challenges to the Interaction Design of such Apps. The competitive landscape is huge, the personality is volatile and the environment, family, school, peers influence any decision. As a Lead Interaction Designer I have been leading the efforts to better understand our Users through the close collaboration with the Research Department and other stakeholders. I have produced the “Nick Personas” and respective contextual scenarios that we use along with analytical data to drive our explorations and design of the new generation of the App. Our goal is to offer simple and straight forward navigation to content but deliver on the brand elements that makes Nickelodeon unique.
Nickelodeon is a strong brand with specific characteristics and the bond that its properties and content have created with kids create a foundation of all the experiences. Bringing to life that special essence of the company and at the same time satisfy the need of kids to connect with their favorite show is a creative exercise like no other and with multiple variables and scales. As the interaction designer, I have developed the new App architecture that creates a solid foundation across platforms to build upon modular elements and to bring the experience to life. Taking into account all the data, the insights, the stakeholder and business needs the new era of the App is underway.
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