Nick Jr. App
Responsibilities: Desing Research, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Adaptive UI Layout

The Nick Jr. is Nickelodeon’s brand that serves preschoolers and toddlers of age 2-6. The brand is present on Web, Native Apps and TVs. My work as a Lead Interaction Designer for Nick Jr App resulted into the launch of a very successful iOS App that was chosen as “Editor’s Pick” for 2015 and has a rating of 4 and the upcoming Android version. It delivers Nick Jr content and connects preschoolers with their favorite properties.
One might think that designing for healthcare or a financial product is hard and with multiple levels of complexity. Designing for preschoolers is a great and complex challenge of its own merit since they have both personal needs and goals but also developmental needs that nobody can ignore. The rule of thumb is to make the interface as simple as possible for their skills, but this is not enough. We had to extensively research our audience and capture its goals and needs. I produced design themes to capture our users and direct the design process. The interesting thing is that the design has to address the goals not only of the kids but also of their parents who at this age are monitoring their development. Playful and yet simple interface, animations and motion along with great content was our recipe.
To offer parents control we launched our own Nick Jr. Apple Watch App as a launch partner. We create a simple and essential experience that allows parents to control the time that their kids spend in the App. Quick Interactions, Bold and clear design was our design for this new platform.
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