Nick Jr. Responsive Website
Responsibilities: Audience Expert, Interaction Design, Responsive UI Layout

The Nick Jr. is Nickelodeon’s brand that serves preschoolers and toddlers of age 2-6. The brand is present on Web, Native Apps and TVs. During the relaunch of the new Nick Jr. Website, I was part of the UX team tasked to bring a "Safe place to Play" experience in the browser for preschoolers. In order to balance business requirements but most importantly the special needs of our audience, we developed an intuitive and responsive website.
The main challenge was how to allow the users access the vast amount of content that the Brand has to offer. Through simple and intuitive layout we guide the user to their favorite content and allow him to dive deep into the catalog without getting lost. In addition we developed the end level pages of videos and games in such a fashion to communicate the depth and breadth of available content and to allow the user to choose right on the spot. The interesting thing is that the design has to address the goals not only of the kids but also of their parents who at this age are monitoring their development. Playful and yet simple interface, animations and motion along with great content was our recipe.
The website also consist of a special parental area with external links. It is well hidden under text so to provide a safe space for preschoolers to navigate, but also easy access to parents and monitor the experience. The website has been live and has brought joy into the faces of preschoolers!
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