Ocean Sound Lab
Responsibilities: User Experience, Interaction Design, UI Layout, Prototyping, Development

FORTH is the largest Foundation of Technology in Greece and the Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics was ready to launch an Educational Interactive Application about Underwater Acoustics and were invited to design an engaging and connected experience.
The IACM had already developed the Application in Visual Basic which was used to compile heavy Mathematical models vital for the experience. The User Experience was not to the levels of other Science Educational Applications and an overhaul was necessary but the existing code couldn’t be discarded since it hosted the computational models of the experience.

We created a layer that bridges the backend code and the User Interface to offer optimized user experience. A hybrid application was created that could easily function on a touch screen or on a desktop.

The team researched the available technologies, similar applications, visited science museum and similar setups and we talked to visitors in order to define the contextual framework.

The full experience from interactions to visual interfaces was designed from the beginning. To achieve a cohesive and engaging experience, a new identity and design language was developed.

The next step was to define the Spatial Experience where the Application would be used. We explored concepts for various setups with main focus the creation of an inviting area that participates with you in the experience but at the same time does not remove you from the surrounding space.

To support the commercial strategy new material was developed that speaks the new identity and design language.
IACM developed their promotional strategy to install the application in Science Museums, Aquariums and other spaces around the world. In addition a scientific paper was published.
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