Houldu - Mobile Application
Responsibilities: Experience Conceptualization, Interaction Design & Prototype development, Product Management

The founding team of Houldu was ready to enter the implementation phase of its vision about connecting people to fully immerse and live like locals anywhere and were engaged to explore, conceptualize and prototype a digital platform focusing on a mobile application first. The initial need was to gather users’ feedback before launching the service.
The team had conducted extensive market research revealing an actual potential for the product. Together with the client, I worked to define the value proposition and prototype the communication strategy of the product. Extremely limited budget challenged the team into experimenting with different frameworks and ideas. I facilitated the processes that could give the most out of the existing resources. From Ideation process to resource allocation.
Starting early on while still defining the product's features, I started prototyping as part of the iterative process. Working with the founding team we moved through various cycles until reaching Beta phase. Each cycle included refinements and experiments on the experience, the prototypes turned from low-mid fidelity to actual code and slowly the vision of the brand was defined.
The App was launched in June 2017. More information about the current state of the product can be found at www.houldu.com
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